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Many persons in the autism spectrum have excellent spatial thinking abilites. Google SketchUp allows this spatial thinking ability to be leveraged. This video is a documentry of 2 SketchUp training sessions delivered in Raleigh, NC in February 2012. NextWave Technology is a Google SketchUp Authorized Training Center. Please contact us if you would like more information,

NextWave Technology is preparing to roll out the new schedule of SketchUp training sessions for kids and young adults with Autism. We will have the dates on this site very soon. Please check back.

Below is some of the background information for these sessions.

A few years ago, the Boulder Colorado head quarters of Google Sketchup began getting phone calls and emails from users telling them about how much kids on the autism spectrum were enjoying SketchUp. As the calls kept coming in, they learned that many people with autism tend to be visually and spatially gifted - that, in fact, they think in pictures.

When people with these gifts get their hands on powerful, easy-to-use 3D design software like SketchUp, sparks tend to fly.

After further study, it was discovered that SketchUp was beneficial as SketchUp enhanced the communication skills / self esteem of persons with Autism.  Shortly thereafter, project Spectrum was created.

The goal of project Spectrum is to advance the beneficial use of Sketchup in the Autism Community.    Since the release of Project Spectrum, there has been research and studies by major Universities, including the University of Utah into the Autism / SketchUp relationship.   iStar is the University of Utah’s Autism research project based on the Project Spectrum.

NextWave Technology is offering sessions for any child or young adults that would like to learn more about SketchUp.  NextWave is interested in learning more about SketchUp’s benefits  persons with Autism. 

Session 1 – For children with Autism between the ages of 9  to 14.  Children must be comfortable with using the computer and a mouse.    Please email for details.

Session 2 – For older children and young adults.  This group will have longer sessions and once again good computer skills and a desire to learn are a prerequisite.  Please email for details.

Sketchup, a Google company, is a free downloadable 3D modeling software.
SketchUp is widely used by most Architecture firms and product design companies in the US & inter-nationally. NextWave Technology is your local Sketchup Authorized training center (ATC).  NextWave Technology’s founder, Paul Benbow, has been in the CAD (Computer Automated Design) field for over 25 years.

If you are interested in learning more about SketchUp for persons with Autism, please contact Paul: or call at: 919-459-2333.

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